Director - Marketing

Kevon Mc Kenna


Mr. Kevon Mc Kenna hails from the Electoral District of Scarborough/Mt Grace and has grown exponentially in personal, professional, and skills-based capacities.

In due course of his travel, studies, and knowledge gathering, he has attained qualifications such as an MBA in Marketing Management, A Master of Arts in Carnival Studies, as well as a professional certificate in Event Management and Coordination.

Mr. Mc Kenna is a driven, tenacious, and assertive individual that possesses the skills that many organizations would consider to be valued assets. Such qualities are synonymous with the competitive edge required to thrive in industries such as Culture, Arts, Tourism, and Marketing.

As a result of his drive for excellence, and his quest to become a main industry actor in Tobago, and by extension Trinidad and Tobago, he has participated in and even spearheaded many initiatives and creative opportunities which have since come to fruition in the public space over the years.

Most recently, Mr. Mc Kenna was appointed as Director of Marketing on the Board of Directors for the Tobago Agribusiness Development Company Limited (TADCO) where he will provide strategic direction in the area of promotion and advertising towards an end of driving sales and boosting brand awareness for the company.