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Tobago Agribusiness Development Company Limited (TADCO).

Our History


The Tobago Agri-business Development Company (TADCO) is a special purpose company under the purview of the Tobago House of Assembly, Division of Food Security, Natural Resources, the Environment and Sustainable Development and was formed on 1st October 2020. The company constitutes an amalgamation of three state entities under the Tobago House of Assembly (THA); Fish Processing Company of Tobago Limited (FIPCOT), Tobago Cold Storage & Warehouse Facility Limited (TCOSWAF) and Tobago Cassava Production Limited (TCPL), 

The merger was deemed critical to the Agricultural Sector on the island as it reduced duplication of efforts, created opportunities for synergies, efficiencies and effective management and development of the sector. The synergies of TADCO were obtained from the strengths of the various companies that were merged:

The Fish Processing Company of Tobago (FIPCOT) – brought the fishing vessel asset – Capital of Paradise 1 and the skills bank required to operate and manage the long-line fishing vessel. The operations were enhanced under the stewardship of the TADCO Board of Directors which ensured the vessel was well equipped, maintained and the operational arrangement restricted for profitability based upon a lease arrangement.

The Tobago Cold Storage and Warehouse Facility (TCOSWAF) brought its five (5) acre facility which is located at Shaw Park which became TADCO’s Head Office. TCOSWAF emerged out of a sequence of events that began with the construction of the Tobago Warehouses facility by the National Insurance Property Development Company Limited (NIPDEC). The warehouse facility comprised of a Dry Storage facility completed in 1980 and a Cold Store that was added in 1982. Over the years, NIPDEC owned and operated the facility until 2004 when the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) sought to rationalise the operation.

The Tobago Cassava Company Limited (TCPL) was a wholly owned enterprise of the THA managed by a Board of Directors, capitalizing on the popularity of the root vegetable, cassava in food preparation. The company actively promoted the benefits of cassava, added value products and its health attributes. The public have the opportunity to consume cassava based products that are gluten free, rich in fiber and minerals. This was transferred to TADCO and is mainstream in the operations.

TADCO has realized the potential of local products and has created strategic alliances with a view towards market penetration both local and global and our emphasis is to foster Food Security, promotion of an Eco-Food Bran, with growth and development of the agri-business sector on the island.


“The company is the acknowledged leader of the agri-business sector in a highly food secure Tobago and is a significant exporter of a recognized eco-food brand of Tobago food products.”


“To maximise the utilization of Tobago’s agricultural assets to increase the islands food security and export earnings through public private partnerships, utilization of cutting technology and effective value-chain management.”

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