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Lure Great River Cocoa Experience

The Lure Great River Cocoa Experience offers an exotic cocoa tour and hike that consists of many exciting attractions such as the ancient tradition enactment ‘Dance d Cocoa’, which was practiced in the Caribbean on cocoa plantations by African descendants.

Participants will have an opportunity to visit the Lure Estate Cocoa Fields; enjoy the Estate’s breath-taking waterfall; view the historical Waterwheel artifact, while traversing through the nature trails and river via the Cocoa Tour or Hike. The River Lime feature allows for a unique cooking experience of local cuisine on site while the group is able to socialize and enjoy the ambience of Tobago’s natural resource.

Packages and Amenities


Package Options with Add-ons and Amenities (washrooms)

  1. Cocoa Tour & Hike
  2. Cocoa Tour & River Lime
  3. Cocoa Tour, Hike and River Lime

*Transportation cost is included in all package options

*Minimum Group Size: 25 persons

Personalize your experience with these MUST HAVE add-ons:

  • Dance d Cocoa Experience
  • DIY Chef-Guided Cooking Experience (See Menu Options)
  • DIY Cooking Experience (Rental of cooking equipment)
  • Sip and Paint
  • TADCO Novelty Gift Package


Amenities include:

  • Washroom Facilities

The use of washroom facilities are included in your package.  Washrooms are located at the Pembroke Heritage Park and at the Lure Repository Building.  There are NO WASHROOMS at the river or waterfall.

Product Description & Itinerary


(Duration: 1.5 hrs)

Enjoy the hiking experience which will take you through lush, green nature trail on the estate. The hike ends at a scenic Twin River Waterfall where you can witness the breath-taking waterfall cascade into a shimmering pool of water.

Cocoa Tour

(Duration: 2 hours)

The Cocoa Tour will be an educational and exciting experience where persons will explore the Cocoa Estates and learn about its rich heritage. Along the journey you will see the historic Waterwheel as well as the river which runs through the plantation.

River Lime

The River Lime is a general area with seating along the river where cooking and social events can occur. There is a stage area for the Dance d Cocoa enactment should this feature be purchased.

Starting Point

Pembroke Heritage Park -> Cocoa Tour ( Waterwheel, cocoa estates, river) -> Hike (Twin River Waterfall, nature trail) -> River Lime (Cooking, River, Family/Friend Gathering)

Types of Events Catered for

  • Tours
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Destination Travel Packages
  • Events
  • Hikes


  • Contact us 868-639-4017 ext. 1017 or via email at for availability of your desired reservation date or register at
  • TADCO will provide you with a quote which will identify payment details.
  • Once reserved, you have 48 hrs to make payment as spots are only confirmed upon payment

Items to bring along

  • An extra change of clothing and footwear
  • Insect repellant
  • Personal medication as you may require
  • Extra plastic bags for your garbage and wet clothes
  • Ziploc bags for your electronic items
  • Footwear – sneakers with grips; NO SLIPPERS OR SANDALS
  • Lifejackets for those wishing to bathe in the pool at the waterfall

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation made less than 5 days prior to the event incur the full fee
  • Cancellations made at least 5 days prior to the event incur a 50% fee

Guidelines for COVID-19

We encourage you to please take personal precautionary measures to ensure the safety of you and your group members.

Remember to: Sanitize; Social distance; practice respiratory hygiene; stay at home if feeling unwell